Minjie Si 4.11.2014

In today’s HowDoYouLandscape? lecture Minjie Si  Co-founder of X.SCAPE a former director of Studio X at Turenscape on Three elements of water urbanism

Minjie Si is an Alumna of TU Delft 2006-2008, from times before the Master Track Landscape Architecture. She was educated in a traditional architecture school from Shanghai Tongji University, however two years’ study in European Master of Urbanism based in TU Delft changed her career from architect to landscape architect. After six years from graduation, now she comes back with three stories about water urbanism in China.

As the former studio director of Turenscape and now co-founder of X.SCAPE, Minjie focus on rural urbanism, culture landscape and sustainable design. Her works have been selected in Chengdu International Architecture Biennale, Shenzhen-Hongkong Architecture Biennale and shortlisted in ASLA Planning Award as well. Besides professional work, she is also guest lecturer in College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Peking University.


4.11.2014 16h00 –17 h00

Public lecture, free entrance

TU Delft Faculty of Architecture,  building 8 – Julianalaan 134

Room 02 midden 110,  Landscape Architecture Studio, on to of the west staircase

After the lecture we will celebrate the acceptance that the first TU Delft Alumni became Landscape Architects in 2014. Our avant-garde was entitled to call themselves Landscape Architects under Dutch and European legislation few weeks ago at the Dutch professional registry Stichting Bureau Architectenregister SBA. We would like to celebrate this long prepared achievement with our Alumni, Students and Staff.


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