HDYLA9 How Do You Landscape? -SCAPES

19.04.2016 16h00 Gabriella Trovato & SueAnne Ware – Landscapes of Emergency – more information
TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, Julianalaan 134, room R, 16h00-18h00

14.12.2015 16h00 Jack Ahern & 17h00 Piere Bélanger – more information (pdf)

Lectures are free to all students, academics and practitioners. They will be recorded and archived on http://howdoyoulandscape.nl > lectures


Previous HowDoYouLandscape? lecture series and videos:

HDYLA8 How Do You Landscape? Urban by Nature

17.6.2014 16h00  Marc Treib & 17h00 Cees van der Veeken

25.2.2014 16h00 Jurgen Bey [video] & 17h00 Raoul Bunschoten [video] More information here (pdf)

HDYLA7 How Do You Landscape? Environmental Design

26.11.2013 16h00 Yttje Feddes & 17h00 Frits Palmboom

29.10.2013 16h00 Christian Waldvogel [video] & 17h00 Andy Thomson (BCA Landscape) [video] More information here (pdf)

21.5.2013 16h00 Elmo Vermijs & 17h00 Pierre Bélanger. More information here (pdf)

23.4.2013 15h00 Andreas Rumpfhuber – Expanded Design & 16h00 Tatjana Schneider – Spatial Agency

HDYLA6 How Do You Landscape? Nature & Culture

20.12.2012 16h00 Yuval Portugali  & 17h00 Dirk Sijmons [video]

29.11.2012 16h00 Floris van Manen & 17h00 Nynke Rixt-Jukema [video]

11.10.2012 15h00 Michiel Riedijk [video], 16h00 Markus Ambach [video] & 17h00 Wilfried van Winden. More information here (pdf)

24.5.2012  16h00 Bram van de Klundert: wilderness & 17h00 Olaf Gipser: landscape + architecture. More information here (pdf) [video]

12.3.2012  Special Exploring the Visual Landscape. Hosts: Steffen Nijhuis & Ron van Lammeren

HDYLA4 How Do You Landscape? Practice & Experiment

15.12.2011  Farewell symposium Clemens Steenbergen

13.12.2011  Hilke Floris (HOSPER)

1.12.2011  Eric Jan Pleijster ( Lola Landscape Architects)

17.11.2011  Sang Lee and Reinier de Graaf*

6.10.2011  Eric van der Kooij

30.9.2011  Katinka Marac

27.9.2011  Anouk Vogel

23.9.2011  Anne Whiston Spirn

*Sang Lee (Editor) & Reinier de Graaf (AMO-OMA) will debate with authors and guests of the book ‘Aesthetics of Sustainable Architecture’.

HDYLA3 How Do You Landscape? Memory & Idea 

9.6.2011  Salomon Kroonenberg & G.Seifert or Stöckmann (formalhaut®)

19.5.2011  Jelle Reumer & Bruno Doedens (SLeM)

14.4.2011  Erik A. De Jong & Marc Volger

HDYLA2 How do you Landscape? Here & There

20.01.2011  Marlies van Diest [video] & Eelco Hooftman (Gross.Max) [video]

16.12.2010  Berno Strootman [video] & Joaõ Gomes da Silva [video]

18.11.2010  Alessandra Ciancheta (AWP) [video] & Lodewijk Baljon [video]

21.10.2010  Silvia Karres (Karres en Brands Landschapsarchitecten) [video] & Erik Dhont [video]

HDYLA1 How Do You Landscape? 

17.6.2010  Rik de Visser [video] & Geert van de Camp (Observatorium) [video]

20.5.2010  Michael van Gessel [video] & Dirk Sijmons [video]

16.4.2010  Ronald Rietveld & Frans Vera [video]

19.3.2010  Johan Pas, Joop Mulder & Matthew Skjonsberg (West 8) [video]

19.2.2010  Tracy Metz & Eric Luiten

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